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It started 2 months ago while I was sitting at Mark Candelaria’s office. Matt came in and asked if I was interested in an art studio in Yuma.
 I called Troy (the owner) the next day. He said he was working with a builder and if it didn’t work out he would call me. I asked if I could call back in a week. He said sure.
 One week went by exactly, I called him.
 “Working with another builder” he said.
 Can I call back in a week?
  He said gimme 15 days.
 I called him back on the 15th day.
 Gimme one more week. He said…..
 I called him back in a week.
 He said, I am sure glad you called because my other two guys disappeared.
 Can you bid my art studio out?
 Have I not Been persistent? Yes you have and I appreciate that!
 Absolutely I can give you an estimate on your art studio!
 So early Saturday morning at 5:30am I stepped into the office to look at Bidding out the Art Studio in YUMA.
 As I went through the plans it wasn’t your avg 851 sq ft little casita.
 There was quite a bit of detail for an Art Studio.
 As I started to recap towards the end something was telling me “reach out and call them.” ” Go and visit them to see who they are, what they like, the finishes that they are requiring.”
 There was quite a bit of detail that was identified as “match existing” and I have never previewed their home.
 If I really wanted to give Troy and Jane an accurate bid I need to call and go see them.
 Called Troy and said can I come down and visit with you guys for a while and get to know you a bit? I will also be fielding you some questions.
 He said, absolutely! We would love to have you.
 Left at 2 arrived at 5……
 Wow!!!! This home was absolutely amazing!!!!
 Felt like I was back in Tuscany Italy!
 Troy and Jane had to be the most cordial people on earth. Jane gave me a tour of their 8000 sq ft Italian inspiration Designed by Mark Candelaria. She Showed me her incredible paintings, artwork and amazing design!
 Wow, what an amazing time we had in those three hours with each other.
 We learned about each other’s personal lives. We learned about each other’s kids, families, hobbies, likes, dislikes, past experiences….. on and on!
 Lesson Learned:
 #1. Always go with your gut instinct!
 #2. Business is about People. It’s not about the sale, it’s about building a Relationship and Trust. People want to be listened to. They want to be heard. They want Customer Service.
 #3. If we solely run our Businesses alone for money…… there in no better way to Not Get It!
 #4. Love PEOPLE. Be kind to PEOPLE. Respect PEOPLE!
 #5. Everything we do….. EVERYTHING…. we are in the PEOPLE BUSINESS!!! Take care of them because without them you have NO BUSINESS!
 #6. I am really glad I went down to Yuma and visited Troy and Jane!

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