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7 Lies about building a CUSTOM HOME or REMODEL/ADDITION.
 1. I can build a beautiful custom home or remodel with all the items I want for $100-150 a sq ft
 Our materials now days are not cheap enough to get the price down that low….
 In the construction industry you absolutely get what you pay for…
 For a VALUE ADDED product that will last a lifetime it will cost….
 2. I can get the same PLANS for my custom /remodel / addition at a fraction of the cost….
 I don’t need to pay that much for plans
 “You can either get something just placed on paper or you can have individuals involved in creating the dream on the lot to capture the most out of the home on the lot and its surroundings.
 3. “I got a guy”….outside of my builders NETWORK that will do some of my work for half the price
 In my experience for the last 15 years……
 I don’t want my landscape maintenance guy designing and installing all my landscape…..
 I have seen this turn into a nightmare every time it happens…..
 You want an artist painting your picture not a mechanic….
 You hired your builder for a reason….
 4. I can do the same thing my builder is doing, faster, more streamline, and less cost as an owner builder.
 If you are a builder I would say possibly….
 But that’s why you hire a builder…..
 It takes many years to fine tune the process….
 And it’s not all about building……
 It’s about accountability, execution, knowledge and leadership.
 5. I can get the same materials my builder is getting considerably cheaper from this wholesale place…. They said they would guarantee it
 Except taxes and death…..
 Wholesale places are mass producers…..
 Not quality producers….
 We have developed relationships over the years for great products at reasonable prices…..
 Wholesalers don’t stand behind their product…..
 Buy it and they push u out the door…
 6. You cant judge a book by the cover in the construction industry…
 In my experience you absolutely can!!!!
 Don’t you want a builder who takes care of themselves, their family, is mentally stable, and is sharp at what they do?
 Or do you want some sloppy, fat and arrogant individual who gives you his resume on how much of a badass they are as soon as they open their mouth?
 7. All builders are the same the only difference between the 300 sq ft and the 150 is the builder trying to get more money out of my pocket.
 You want your relationship with your builder to be long lasting.
 You will be together for quite some time during the design and the construction of your product…..
 If all you are is looking for a cheap price then that’s what you will get out of your builders drive and quality..
 Change positions for a while…….
 How committed will you be to the people and the process if you get grinded and grinded for price……..
 Not too committed…..
 It starts sour!!!! And in my experience gets worse!
 Imagine the possibility of a great relationship, incredible product created in a timely manner……..
 A place to raise your family and entertain wonderful friends….
 Thats what we do at Steg Custom Homes
 “OUR Vision is YOUR Concept, YOUR Kingdom is OUR Creation”


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