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“When was the LAST TIME you did something for the FIRST TIME?”
 Darius Rucker
 Well…….Tommy Baker & I recorded his first ever Trifecta!! The first time he had someone on 3 TIMES!
 I was HONORED that he asked me to do his podcast with him as the final one for 2017.
 What an EXPLOSIVE & EDUCATIONAL hour we had Together!
 Well to be HONEST…… every time we get together it’s the same way!
 We spoke about our 3 BIGGEST LESSONS LEARNED from 2017!
 What helped both of us to grow! The 3 Most Influential Lessons we apply to our Daily Lives that had made the LARGEST IMPACT for 2017.
 For those of you who have not listened yet, here it is!!!! Below in written form on the bottom of this page.
 Click on the link to receive some inspirational information that if applied will DEFINITELY steer you in the right DIRECTION for 2018!!!!
 Jim Steg’s Largest Lessons for 2017
 The last Academy episode of 2017 features my brother in arms, a great friend and all around rockstar — Jim Steg.
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  Lessons learned 2017
 1. LIVE WITH INTEGRITY ….. no matter what the situation is!
  ( 1.tell the truth, always. 2. Do the right thing, Even when you don’t feel like it and it won’t improve your situation. Even if it will hurt you. It’s a learning lesson!)
 2. We ARE who we CONTINUALLY BELIEVE OURSELVES TO BE…… (1. we constantly place LIMITING FACTORS on ourselves because of FEAR & WHAT IF’s!, 2. it’s EASY to stay warm….our minds are designed to protect us from danger! Therefore our minds continually try to persuade us not to take chances, not to step outside our comfort zone…
 3. WE HAVE A CHOICE!!!!!!!…’s OUR LIFE!!!
  A choice to:
  *Step outside our comfort Zone (get comfortable with being Uncomfortable)
  *Be The Energy People want to be around
  *Suffocate our BULLSHIT
  *To get out of our way and soar….stop doubting ourselves
  *To find that “WHY” that either EXCITES US or SCARES US to institute STANDARDS to live by!
 Jim Steg

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