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A guy came walking up to me the other day at PACIFIC BEACH in Southern California…..
 I was checking my phone for my business under our beach umbrella…
 He grabbed my hand and said is that a WARRIOR wristband?
 I peaked out from under the umbrella ….. he said…… “Hey, are you Jim Steg?”
 I said Yes as a matter of fact I am….
 He said, ” Dude, you and your wife’s video of your Transformation through Warrior is the reason my wife and I are still together today!”
 He said, ” we can’t thank you enough!” ” I went to WW 23…… it turned out lives around!”
 I introduced him to my wife’s Theresa and my daughters……Rylie & Kayla.
 He is from Wisconsin …… absolutely amazing to me that at any given time As humans we can have an impact for the better on someone’s life.
 I was floored that he recognized me on Pacific Beach in California.
 I am grateful I was able to help someone for the better and help rekindle the flame in their marriage!
 Chad Jampedro

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