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July 22nd of 2015. I entered into a Navy Seal 50 hour Crucible.
They said it was the closest experience the public will ever get to know of the actual Navy Seal Hell Week.
I took the challenge and started training 4 months prior to get my mind and body ready.
I trained how to maximize my oxygen consumption. I trained how to calm my mind. I trained my body to be a weapon.
I trained and trained and trained!

I continually second guessed myself days leading up to the start.

Did I train enough?
Am I ready?
Will I make it?
How tough is it really going to be?

It started at 8:00am Friday July 22nd. It was projected to be 111 degrees that day.
It was to be the toughest physical day because it is where they weed out the people who didn’t prepare. The people who didn’t put in the work would be exposed.
They rid them because they don’t want the group to be burdened with taking care of them.
We lost 4 guys on Friday night before we went to the ocean. They were cut and were made to leave.
We spent from 8:00pm Friday night to 4:30am in and out of the freezing cold ocean. Wet, cold, sand is grinding on your skin, in your crotch, the pain was endless.
I just kept on looking for the sun to come out.
I wanted it to be Saturday! It finally came and we made our way back to Vail Lake.
After our breakfast burrito we trained all day again! All day!!!
In the sun, mission after mission! It seemed as if it would never end!
The sun started to go down and we made our way to Palomar Mountain. 6000 ft, 10 miles straight up! We started at 8:30pm and made it to the top at 1:00am.
Then back down to the bottom by 5:00am.
It was the worst pain I have ever felt Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally in my life!
From hallucinating to losing 4 toe nails that night I realized it was getting close to the end.
We made our way back to camp and grinded out as much as we could to make the finish line!
The lesson learned that weekend came in many forms!
First, i will never look at a Navy Seal the same way ever again! The respect I have for those individuals can never be matched.
The mental toughness, the tenacity, the strength and honor Navy Seals have within their character is something that cannot be explained!
I completely Honor and Respect any individual who protects our freedom!

1. Micro goals…… look at every goal and break it down into small micro goals.
2. When you think you are done ….. you are only at 40%.
3. You can’t be great alone! You need powerful and great people on your team.
4. Attitude is everything!

Hope you had a Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to those who gave their lives for our FREEDOM!

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