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Steg Custom Homes..
 It doesn’t matter…. Big or Small…. we take care of ALL our CLIENTS….
 This young lady is 85….. and she looks 60.. she works out 4 days a week with a trainer…..
 Eats Right and lives a healthy lifestyle.
 She Recognizes and Lets everyone know when you do a great job.
 She sent and email to the Architect we are working with on this project… Jessica Hutchison-Rough
 @ Urban Design Associates.
 This is why WE DO WHAT WE DO!
 “EVERYONE no matter what we do …. we are in the PEOPLE BUSINESS…. if we don’t take care of PEOPLE… we have no BUSINESS!!!!”
 Deliver an AMAZING EXPERIENCE Every Time!!!!!
 1st day on the job she bought the guys lunch!!!
 What a wonderful woman!
 Thank you Jane!!

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