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I had a friend reach out the other day that wanted to know about KOKORO.
 It was the 53hr Crucible I completed on July 22, 2016. It was the most Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional thing I have ever done. No sleep for 3 days in the mountains of Temecula California, Ocean in Encinitas, and the muddy water of Vail lake.
 I sent him the link of a podcast with Brandon Duncan and Tommy Baker I did right after the event just so they could get a feel for what to expect.
 Funny thing is, I forgot how hard and grueling KOKORO was. I swept it under the rug and discounted it. Looked on to the next thing.
 I decided to stop and listened to the podcast. WOW!!
 Brought back so many Memories….
 Brought back so many Fears…..
 Brought back so many Emotions…..
 Brought back so much Strength and Excitement…..
 What I learned that day……
 I learned that we need to Love, Honor and Appreciate OURSELVES.
 We need to acknowledge what we have DONE & ACCOMPLISHED and CELEBRATE!
 Far too often we are way too hard on ourselves which in return has a tendency to shift and drift our thought patterns.
 We begin to think we are not good enough and need to continually chase the HORIZON….
 Stop…… Recognize…..Appreciate….. and CELEBRATE!

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