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Giving Back

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When you speak to 700 homeless people at 7:30am at St Vincent De Paul Doing the best you can to bring INSPIRATION & HOPE to those in need it can be VERY HUMBLING!
 It makes you THANKFUL for who you have and who you are.
 Very touching EXPERIENCE and I am grateful for how fortunate we are.
 Thank you Mark Candelaria for introducing me to Jimmy Walker.
 Thank you Jimmy Walker for the invite to speak.
 Jimmy Walker owner of Celebrity Fight Night run a program that helps the homeless called Never Give Up.
 It was heartfelt how kind and generous these people were. The amount of Thanks and Hugs that took place yesterday morning was inspiring!
 Thank you Jimmy for helping all of us Grow!!
 Thank you Jerry Castro & Steven Zabilski for what you give back!
 Looking forward to speaking again some day!

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