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What is your WHY?

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We all have a DRIVE in us to some extent. Something that makes us get out of bed before the sun comes up…… When it is cold outside and it is comfortable right where we are.
When we are tired and completely exhausted, sore and would feel better if we just laid in bed….
Something that pushes us to improve WHO we are, WHAT we do, and WHY we do it.

That SOMETHING that forces us to better OURSELVES, Our BUSINESS, Our BODIES, and Our Relationships ….. We Label that as our “WHY”.

We all are individuals and our “WHYS” may have a different impact on us depending on our circumstances.

Some of us our “WHYS” may be:

Our Relentless appetite for Competition….
Our Families….
Our dogs…..
Our pursuit for perfection…….

What is your WHY?


Why Do you get up in the morning?

The DEPTH of your WHY WILL determine how COMMITTED you will be…….

The DEPTH of your WHY will determine if you will Be INTERESTED……….. Or Be COMMITTED!!!!

Find YOUR WHY!!!!!

Don’t be AVERAGE…….. be EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!

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Steg Custom Homes
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