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Happy 4th !!!!

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Happy 4th of July all…… From Steg Custom Homes……..
 July 4th 1776 the day we adopted the Declaration of Independence…
 We are so grateful to be living in this country.
 Men and women who serve and protect our Freedom……
 Thank you for your protection and service…..
 I have been given the opportunity to see a small part of what a navy seal goes through on a daily basis by entering into Retired Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine’s 20X and KOKORO… Programs…..
 We honor those men who fight on the front lines for this country……
 It is absolutely amazing the physical and mental capacity of these weapons we call men and women……..
 After battle support is extremely important for these wounded warriors in need….
 Thank you Wake Up Warrior for your generosity in supporting Brothers Beyond the Battlefield…..

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