Staying motivated

Don't fall off the path. Stay motivated towards your goals.

Staying motivated

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Keeping yourself motivated to stay on the path to your goals, or even keeping your employees motivated, can be very difficult, especially in the summer time when the sunny weather is calling to those in the office………………. or a vacation somewhere-not-120-degrees sounds very, VERY appealing..

Keep reading for some ways to stay motivated….

An employee work anniversary or a birthday party might be the standard for celebrations, but being able to recognize someone (yourself included) for a variety of achievements is a great way to keep motivation and morale levels high.

A small change can make a world of a difference. Take a more scenic route to work and really SOAK the view in. Work from home. Hold a meeting outside. Go to a new networking event. You never know where motivation may strike!

So many people come to Arizona for this very purpose. So get out there! There are just some happy, healthy and healing properties about being outdoors..

The most important thing that anyone can do to stay motivated is to be creative and to encourage (or foster) creativity. Find ways to celebrate you, and find things about you to “recognize”. Host social gatherings for like-minded people or people with similar goals. Get to know your employees on a personal level to encourage a healthy relationship among each other so they stay interested in doing a good job for their team and for the company. Encourage everyone to be creative about ways to meet their goals, this is what Google promotes amoung their employees!

Whatever you do, don’t stop and DON’T fall off the path. Stay motivated and keep grinding… everyday.

Chop wood. EVERYDAY.

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