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Open me. You won’t regret it.

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I love what I do. There isn’t a morning that I wake up and don’t want to come to work. But it wasn’t always like this…

Before Steg Custom Homes, there would be mornings that I would wake up and dread getting out of bed. I wondered if someone would even notice if I wasn’t at my desk, I wondered if I made a difference not just within the company, but was my job making a positive impact in the world…

And then I learned gratitude. More so, shown it, and it created a feeling in me. Someone said ‘thank you’. Thank you, simply just for being me and doing what I do, even if it really was a small significance in the world.

A ripple effect started and I finally saw the world in color.

So to you, I say:
Thank you. Thank you, and keep doing what you do. Please. Please keep believing in your work, because we do, and we need it, and specifically, The World needs it. Practice gratitude. Everyday. It allows not just us, but others as well, to live more and say more and feel more. And if for some reason you have stopped- stopped practicing gratitude, stopped being thankful for what you do, what you have, where you are– then start today.

Especially mothers. Thank you, and keep doing what you do. It matters so deeply the way you raise and nurture our children. Thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made. For taking the time and spirit and soul to raise us in a better image of the world. I am so thankful to mothers like you, for making good people with strong values.
And keep doing what you do, even when people make you feel like it’s not that important. It might be the most important thing you do. Keep going.

I’m so glad that you do what you do, and I do what I do because no on can do your job better than you and I’m better at my job for knowing that.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for simply being you and doing what you do, even if you feel it is a small significance in the world. It isn’t. You have the most important job.

-Steg Custom Homes

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