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Listening to a friends podcast the other morning really hit home….
 It is very easy to look negatively towards everything in life…..
 Generally We are a very spoiled society…….
 It’s hard at times to see the beauty in things…..
 We want to control everything to the point of disfunction…..
 My buddy Tommy Baker at Resist Average Academy saw an individual in a motorized wheelchair, on assisted breathing using a machine to talk the other day at the store…..
 Brought him to tears and made him realize how grateful he is to be him…..
 He soon was disappointed in himself……
 Shame on me for:
 Hating Monday’s……
 Complaining it’s too hot or cold out…..
 Whining about the pain of working out…..
 Being selfish feeling he wasn’t gifted…..
 His life isn’t as good as it should…..
 Many of us have been there before…….
 Everyday we should express our gratitude to where we live, who we are and what we are able to do……
 Finding the negative in everything leads to a miserable life and sometimes early death…..
 Love, Honor and Appreciate…….. EVERYTHING!!!!!
 It’s all we have!!
 I appreciate all my past, present and future clients!
 I appreciate all my friends and family!
 Jim Steg
 Steg Custom Homes

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