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Most infants receive milk at some point in their lives. Entrepreneurs….. Elite athletes…… Business owners……People training for Physical and Psychological goals all have several things in common…..
 *They are ALONE……
 *No one holds them ACCOUNTABLE but THEMSELVES…..
 *They deal with FAILURE & SUCCESS in many different ways but closely the same…
 *They have NO ONE to Blame on missing their goals BUT THEMSELVES…..
 It take a special breed to wake up every morning before the sun is out and attack the day with their routine….
 The DRIVE……. The Determination……..
 The No Quit Attitude…..
 It takes a special breed to be able to manage employees, hire and fire personnel, and develop a successful business…… Along with raising a family, staying physically fit, and being MENTALLY CHARGED day in and day out……
 Today Steg Custom Homes HONORS those who take the chances, the risks, hangs them out there on a daily basis AND never gives up under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!

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